Interactively Populate a Photo Collage Toolkit Template

Microsoft Windows file Thumbnails

Windows only display a generic thumbnails for files types that do not have special codec handlers. Microsoft does not supply codec for all image file type. In particular PSD and Camera RAW files. You must install a codec for these if you wish to see thumbnails in file selection dialogs. Many Camera manufactures supply codec for their Camera RAW files. On my systems I install a low cost codec package from FastPictureViewer. Their package contains many RAW codecs and one for PSD files. You will also need to use the file selection Dialog View pull-down menu and select Thumbnails to see thumbnails. The are some free Windows mods available to make thumbnails the default view in dialogs.

Interactive Populating a Photo Collage Toolkit Template Process

  1. You start the process by using Photoshop's menu "File" and clicking on File>Scripts>InteractivePopulateCollage.
  2. The scripts dialog will then open and you can use its "Select..." button to select one of your template folders then select the template to be populated.
  3. After selecting or entering the Template file proceed to the options section and set the up the options you want used.
    [ Select Template ]
  4. Once you have set the options for the collage click on the dialog's "Create Collage" button.
  5. A copy of the template will open in full screen mode and the Image selection process will begin.
  6. During the Process the current Collage Image location will be highlighted with a Cyan mapping color while the rest of the collage is shaded.
    [ Select Image 1 ]
  7. After you select the image to be used the script will place in the image file move it into place and size it to fit the image area.
    [ Select Image 5 ]
  8. Once the image is placed in you will be given the opportunity to tweak the positioning and sizing.
    [ Position element ]
  9. Similarly tweaking is provided for text labeling.
  10. A video tutorial is also available.